March 26, 2017

Fine- thin hair problems


I realize this may sound silly and vain but I am going to just bring it out here in the open. A major insecurity of mine for several years now has been my hair. My lovely genetics ( thanks, mom) have gifted me very thin fine hair.


I did not always have the insecurities with my hair that I have now.

In fact, in high-school, if you would have asked me what my favorite features were, I would have told you my eyes and my hair. I spent a lot of time on my hair ( Hello 80’s) and it was one thing that brought me attention from others and let’s be real here and say most high-schoolers- want attention. 😉  I received compliments on my long curly hair. While it was fine, I had a lot of it. Junior high and early high school years, I would get up before the sun and spend over an hour each day washing, curling, teasing, etc. During my later years in high school, I did not put as much time into all the teasing and hair-spraying but it still was a big part of my getting ready routine.

Junior high and early high school years, I would get up before the sun and spend over an hour each day washing, curling, teasing, etc. During my later years in high school, I did not put as much time into all the teasing and hair-spraying but it still was a big part of my getting ready routine.

After I had my first child I noticed I was losing a lot of hair. I was assured by my doctor that was completely normal and happens to most woman after pregnancy. I spent several years close together being pregnant so my hair would be nice and thick during pregnancy and then I would again notice it thinning out. After my third child was born I remember noticing when he was about a year old that my hair continued to be thin and I was not growing much back. I also noticed my hair not really growing past a certain length. By the time my son was three I knew I was going to have very thin fine hair for the rest of my life. My mom has it, so I knew.

Again, I know this sounds vain, but I have cried over this. I have tried having cute short hair cuts and I just don’t like them. I have tried growing my hair out and it always looks like a stringy mess. I never feel 100% pretty. Doing my hair makes me sad, so 90% of the time it ends up in a clip.

In the last year, I have worked hard on getting into the best shape of my adult life. I have made some major lifestyle changes and I am pleased with my body. For the first time EVER in my life. When I get ready to go on a date with my husband I will get ready and be happy and feel pretty for him. Except for my hair.

Over the last several months I have researched several hair options. The two types of extensions that caught my attention the most were clip in hair extensions and hair toppers, which are basically wigs. Both scared me and made me think two things. Hair extensions—-

Hair extensions|41-year-old looking silly trying to look 20. and Hair topper—-only old woman and those with medical issues wear them.

Hair topper|Only old woman and those with medical issues wear them.

Boy, was I wrong. There are so many options to pick from and I learned there are a lot of other woman struggling just as I am with thin fine hair.

I decided to try clip in hair extensions first. I like the fact that they are removable and not something I am stuck with for months if I don’t like them ( permanent hair extensions). My biggest concern was/is placing them in right so they don’t look too fake.

After hours and hours of research, I decided on Cashmere hair extensions. The company was once featured on Shark Tank and all the reviews I read were positive.
Here is my first time trying them out. They are so soft. I love them. I was pretty nervous about putting them in but I watched a couple tutorials on Youtube and found a couple videos that show how to specifically put them in thin hair. They were very helpful and I think with practice I will get the hang of it pretty quickly. They are fast and easy to put in. The trick is to make them look *not fake.*

Right now you can tell I have them in only because I have to go to my stylist to get the color of my hair to match the extensions. I have an appointment made.

Right now I have them in and I am just wearing them around the house. They are very comfortable and do not feel as if they are sliding around. I am not in fear of them falling out. They are also not heavy like I feared they might be.

Here are the before and after side by side.
hairSo much better. Right? I will play around with curling them so my hair blends in a little better.
Later this summer I may try a hair topper. Although, I may find these extensions are all I need. All I know is I am going to be OK with getting a little bolder embracing -wearing someone else’s hair. As long as I feel good about myself who cares if it is not mine. Right?

If you are interested in the extensions I have just click here Cashmere Hair

They have no idea who I am. There will be no compensation for me. I just wanted to share my story in case anyone else struggles with the same insecurities about their hair as I do.


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March 20, 2017

Week 11 of 52|The good and the bad

March 13th- Monday|

Snow! We have snow. In March. I am not sad about it. Don’t hate me. Bahahahah. It is just a little bit and it will be gone by tomorrow. But still, it is pretty and makes me smile.

March 14th– Tuesday|

We haven’t gone to our small group for weeks and I have so much I want to say about it. I have many thoughts swirling around in my head. I guess this is going to be another- time to be honest post from Tanya. As you all know I have had some struggles with my kiddos recently, but I have also been struggling with some church/small group stuff. Issues I have been having on and off for months over a year now. Having a disconnected feeling and fighting with myself over whether or not it is me, getting in my head or if it is a legitimate feeling and it is time I do something about it instead of making excuses. I want to make a big long post going into way more detail about this, but I am scared to. I will say, I now make every excuse not to go to church and when I do, I slip in and I slip out when I used to wake up early and be early. I have found myself in a closer place with God now. I pray more, I worship more (in my car because nobody wants to hear this girl singing. It’s only a voice Jesus would love) and I feel more connected to the Lord during the good and the bad. So, I do not think these feelings are coming from a place of struggling with my faith. It is just my direction and where I want to be. Does that make sense? I want to learn more about his word. Live more in his word. Worship with more passion. Will you pray for Joe and I as we make a decision. Please?

March 15th-Wednesday

I did it! I ran 12.1 miles and I could have kept going to a 13.1 a full half marathon length. Really. I just ran out of time and had to stop. I tried out these GU gels and holy smokes, major energy boost. They are the weirdest thing ever to drink/eat but they work. They are the consistency of a pasty gel. Pretty sweet. I had to drink some water with it but when it kicked in I felt it. I did not feel jittery or get a stomach ache I just felt reenergized. 

  • JT pitched today. He did OK. Came out strong. 3 up 3 down. Then the second inning he came out he struggled a bit and walked two and left the inning. He is currently frustrated with not being able to stay strong after a first inning.









March 16th- Thursday|

Today I made it my mission to catch up on the blog. I did it! I need to find a better system to stay on top of it. This evening Joe, Autumn and I spent time cracking up as we read Gordan Ramseys twitter account. That man is hilarious. Sometimes you just need to laugh. A lot.

March 17th– Friday|

Joe and I are driving to Macomb tonight to watch the Western Illinois baseball team at their home opener weekend. I have watched the boys from J’s house come out and prove they deserve a little more respect the last couple weeks. I am so excited for this season for these boys. One of the boys, unfortunately, has an injury but hopefully, he heals quickly and can join the boys back out on the field soon. Go Leathernecks.

March 18th– Saturday|

I woke up and ran a good 6 miles and then we headed to the field around 1:00. I wish I could say it was a great day for my boy but it wasn’t. The game was 0-0 and they brought J in. Which is saying a lot. The coaches believed my boy could get them the win and hold it.

He ended up walking one guy and giving up two hits. He did not look confident out there and the coach quickly pulled him out of the game. It was so sad. Sad and frustrating at the same time. After the game, J said he wanted to be alone and asked us to leave. So we respected that he needed space and left. All I can do is pray for my son. Pray that he continues to trust in the Lords plan for him and be patient with the timing. J has always worked hard and seen results quickly. He continues to work hard, but the results are not coming at a fast enough pace for him. It is discouraging for him. It is also hard on Joe and I as we find a place of sitting back and letting J take this on himself. We can not fix it for him and sometimes things he says and does are not how we feel he should do it. Today has been a rollercoaster.

March 19th– Sunday|

Some encouraging words from the boy this morning. He isn’t giving up.


After church, I had a lunch and movie date with Joe. We went to see Get Out. It was good. Mind-trippy. If you like Alfred Hitchcock stuff you will probably enjoy this movie.

It was a nice relaxing day after having such an emotional day yesterday. I feel ready for the upcoming week and plan to take it on with a positive attitude and

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March 19, 2017

Week in pictures|Week 11

Week 11
March 12th|

Be grateful. #begrateful #laundryroommakeover#littlereminders #fmspad #fms_glass

March 13th|

He marks out the horizon on the face of the waters for a boundary between light and darkness.Job 26:10 #fmspad #fms_horizon

March 14th|

Always in motion. Need to bottle up the energy of little ones. #fmspad #fms_motion

March 15th|

This just happened. 12.1 miles. Training for #halfmarathontraining and was supposed to run 6 today. Going out of town this weekend so swapped my long run day for today. Was only supposed to go 10 miles. Was feeling great so went over. Could have gone the full 13.1 but made myself stop. 12.1 miles at a 10-minute mile pace. Walked 20-minute mile pace for about 10 minutes. Not breaking records with 10 minutes pace but proud. Not bad for 41 yro mom of 3. #fmspad #fms_over

March 16th|

New season new keychain wallet thing ( I have no idea what these are called).I have been using these for years and always get happy when I change out the old one for a fun new pattern. Speaking of keys. I never use our house key. I don’t think I have used it in over two years. I always go through the garage. How about you? Are front door keys not the norm anymore? #fmspad #fms_key

March 17th|

Friday afternoon means freeze dance time. #tgif May be a little dizzy and off center after running in circles but it’s all good because it is THE WEEKEND after a long weekend of testing.#fmspad #fms_offcentre

March 18th|

When you go out of town for the night and your choice in hotels is based on the workout facilities. Not skipping daily run for anything. #fmspad#fms_daily #halfmarathontraining#runningmom

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March 13, 2017

Week 10 of 52|Cute Laundry room knick knacks

March 6th- Monday

Joe has worked so hard on the laundry room project. I am thrilled with how it is turning out. I am going to stain the wood later this week and of course, need to take a trip to Ho@@y Lo@@y for some knick knacks and more decorations. I found these wooden crates at Menards and painted the front with chalkboard paint. The chalk is all smudged but I will fix that. This was just a test run.









March 7th-Tuesday

Autumn and Lucas made the family dinner tonight. It was delicious. Pena Rosa pasta with red lobster cheddar rolls. We ate and watched the Bachelorette. Yes, we ALL watched the Bachelorette and no we are not ashamed. Ha.

March 8th- Wednesday

March 9th- Thursday

It was a beautiful sunny crisp day. I find my heart in a good place today. I stained the wood in my laundry room tonight. Here is a sneak peak.

20170309_221238Cute isn’t it? I want to do laundry now.

March 10th-Friday

Today was a short school day for the little ones I nanny for and Oh.My.Goodness. am I tired! There was a house FULL from 1 until 5:30. I am so tired and need to head out for book club in a couple of minutes. I very much want to put pajamas on and eat pizza.

March 11th-Saturday

Alec had his ACSI concert today. Every year we go, I always enjoy the beautiful music. It is hard to believe what they do with these kids in two days time.

After the event, Alec actually surprised Joe and I and said that he might want to minor in music in college. We had no idea he was thinking of this and it made me happy to hear.

March 12th- Sunday

Today was spent watching baseball games. From bed and the couch.
Sunday afternoon

I am pleased to say J did well! I am so happy for him and pray he continues to do well and does not get discouraged by setbacks along the way. I keep telling him. One pitch at a time. Come back


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