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Real talk about our real lives in order to encourage and inspires women to embrace their true selves, to connect deeply with others, and to believe in the potential of their wildest dreams.

Hi, I’m Tanya!

Wife. Mom. NANA.
Encourager and Friend.

For years, I dreamed of watching my grandchildren chase fireflies as the Tennessee sun set over my front porch. Well, I am living my dream! Living your dream doesn’t mean life is easy. It sure doesn’t mean the process of getting here was easy. What I’ve learned is that we need each other to reach our dreams. We, women, need to share our stories, to talk about our daily lives––the good, the fun, and the downright difficult. We need real talk about our real lives in order to live free and confident. That’s what this space is all about. I hope you’ll stick around and share your life with me, too!

At the core of who I am

I believe in people. I believe in you! That’s why I am here. I want to support and celebrate you in every season of life.

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Real talk about the issues we women face, especially during life’s major transitions.

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